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Our community...


At BOBOS we are family.

We see ourselves as a building block of the community. We strive to have positive impact on our society.

Our family is where we learn love, caring, compassion, honesty, and respect for ourselves and others. We treat others the way we wish to be treated.

We do not act carelessly. We are considerate and careful in our conduct, making sure to be kind, caring, honorable, neighborly, compassionate, and peace-loving.

It is through this sense of family values that we care for those who are part of our community. We provide opportunity for people to connect and form life-long friendships. We provide opportunity for people to fall in love. We provide opportunity for parents to be great coaches for their children. We provide opportunity for future champions.

We provide dignity for those less fortunate. We help kids know how great they are and watch them become great adults. We create opportunity for all to pursue their potential.




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