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Rental equipment is all the same, it's just a matter of getting the cheapest price, right?

A widely held belief that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The age, fit, appropriateness and condition of your equipment are key to your comfort, safety, enjoyment, and most certainly, your ability to ski well. Up-grade, downgrade, it’s up to you - whether you want the latest technology or something simple, we have a top notch fleet and want to help make sure you make a good choice, and have the best equipment for you.




Rental Department


Daily rentals ski and snowboard $28 a day, 5 days or more 20% off.

Demos are also available, conditions permitting. Please ask one of our demo pros for more details about Friday Demo Days.

The smallest board rentals are 80cm in length. Good for a 2 year old.

Our XC packages are $20 per day and our snowshoes are $20 per day.

You can check your rental's out anytime after 2pm the day before you go.

You need a valid drivers license and a credit card to rent our equipment.


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