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where we live...
our hidden gem and little slice of heaven

We love where we live
We love the mountains - our winter playground - with glorious blue skies, bluebird powder days and no shortage of resorts and hiking trails to explore.  We love the smell of fresh air, and way the mountains come together with the stunning blue water of Lake Tahoe. We love the sandy beaches, with crystal-clear water and panoramic views.

We love the people, the passion, the healthy lifestyle - and that one can partake in snowsports throughout their life. We celebrate our customers over 80 years young who ski 50+ days a year!




We love the seasons
Lake Tahoe

We love the spring when life is renewed.
We love the sunshine and extra daylight of summer.
We love the smell of fall spices & colors of the leaves.
We love the silence of winter. 
These are some of life’s simplest pleasures and the things that invigorate us each and every day.

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