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Winter has descended upon us, and there's no better time to gear up for the season of snow-filled adventures! At BOBOS Ski Board Backcountry, we invite you to discover a world of winter outdoor sports.


Peter from Outdoor Adventure, Lake Tahoe Television is currently at BOBOS, exploring the ski and snowboard repair shop and chatting with our expert, Scott Robinson, Ski Board Repair Pro. Scott sheds light on the meticulous stages of equipment repair. "First, we scrutinize the edges, ensuring everything is intact. Core shots, caused by hitting rocks, demand immediate attention as moisture penetration can compromise the ski or board's integrity," notes Scott. The process involves filling holes, grinding the base with our state-of-the-art WINTERSTEIGER Jupiter machine, and meticulously smoothing out scratches. Scott adds, "BOBOS is one of the few shops equipped with the WINTERSTEIGER Jupiter, allowing us to deliver race-level precision to all enthusiasts." The turnaround time is swift, ideally 24 to 48 hours. If your gear needs some TLC, head to BOBOS Ski Board Backcountry. ~the crew at BOBOS ~the crew at BOBOS

2024 ski technology BOBOS Ski Board

Embark on a winter journey with BOBOS! Whether you're seeking the ideal ski length, perfect board size, or cozy outdoor clothing, we've curated a diverse inventory to meet your every need. Our shelves boast an extensive selection, ensuring that every adventurer finds the gear that feels tailor-made for their winter escapades. From jackets that blend style with warmth to skis that carve through powder with precision, BOBOS has it all.

Visit us at BOBOS, open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, and explore our winter wonderland. Discover the gear that enhances your outdoor experience, from head-turning fashion to performance-driven equipment. Your next winter adventure begins with BOBOS! #BOBOSWinterJourney #ExploreInStyle #SkiSnowboardShop #WinterAdventure


Questions? Call 775-826-9096 and ask for Pat, Avé or Paul V!

We are BOBOS Ski Board & Patio at 475 E. Moana Reno, Nevada

Our Friendly Expert Staff Can't Wait To Help!

~the crew at BOBOS


BOBOS 475 E. Moana Ln
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Chris Ober

Peter from Tahoe Adventure Show is live at BOBOS, diving into backcounty safety and equipment with Chris Ober, Ski Pro.

Chris Ober BOBOS Backcountry Pro

Kate Parraguirre

Live at BOBOS with Kate Parraguirre, Peter from Tahoe Adventure Show explores two popular ski brands.

Kate Parraguirre BOBOS Ski  Pro

Maggie Guthrie

Maggie Guthrie, BOBOS Ski Clothing and Merchandise Pro highlights the evolution of outdoor clothing.

Maggie Guthrie BOBOS Clothing Pro

Pat Parraguirre

Delving into brands like V?lkl and Blizzard, Pat navigates the metal vs. wood core debate, the nuances of resort powder skiing and the ideal width underfoot?110 millimeters?for optimal performance.

Pat Parraguirre BOBOS Ski Pro


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